• Create forms with unlimited fields.
  • Text, emails, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, multilists, uploads, date, time, hidden and many more. You name it, we have it!
  • Experienced form human creators!
  • All setup and modifications are handled by Smartespot, ensuring professional quality.
  • Conditional Logic in specific areas.
  • Hidden fields for administration purposes.
  • Accept payments at any time, providing convenience for your customers.
  • Calculations of multiple products/selections if needed.
  • Immediate processing of payments ensures efficiency.
  • Avoid excuses like “I will pay when I come”, “the kid lost the money”, “it’s difficult for me to come at 5 o’ clock…
  • Avoid issues with unreadable handwriting or typos by using our digital forms.
  • Ensure data integrity and reliability.
  • Validation of data.
  • Use of ready made lists of data.
  • Use correct data to analyse your customers.  
  • Receive instant email notifications for every entry, including registrations and payments.
  • Receive conditional notifications. 
  • Stay informed and manage your business effectively.
  • Simplify the user experience by removing the need for customer logins.
  • Quick and easy access to forms and payments.
  • Avoid excuses of forgotten passwords.
  • Manage payments and data efficiently from a centralized backoffice.
  • Create manual entries.
  • Record offline payments.
  • Collect all payments in one place.
  • Edit entries mistakes on the spot. 
  • Export data in Excel or other formats.
  • No need to worry about Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, GDPR laws, and Terms and Conditions. Smartespot handles these aspects.
  • Save on payment commissions and administrative costs.
  • Reduce expenses related to paper forms by going paperless.
  • Communicate effortlessly with emails or phone numbers collected. 
  • Provide a website with essential sections like profile, services, and contact information. 
  • Integrate with social media for broader reach.
  • No need to design pages. We create them for you… the way you want it!
  • Easily redirect your domain to the Smartespot subdomain.
  • Save money on hosting.
  • Worry-free up-and-running website!


You can create various types of forms, including registration forms, order forms, contact forms, survey forms, and more. Our platform supports customizable fields to meet your specific requirements.


Smartespot integrates with major payment gateways like VivaWallet and JCC, allowing you to receive payments securely and efficiently 24/7.

No. Smartespot just connects your forms with the payment service provider. The PSP will send you the money directly.

No, your customers can fill out and submit forms without needing to log in, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.


You will receive immediate email notifications for every form submission, including details of registrations and payments. Even conditional ones!

The answer is no but you can send an email to us and we will change it asap (no later than 24h). 

Smartespot employs industry-standard security measures, including SSL encryption, to ensure that your data and transactions are secure. All payments are made in the Payment Service Provider’s website. In simple words… we don’t keep any credit card numbers!